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High - precision and high - rigidity internal - type electric spindle
Adopt Japan NSK high precision bearing, cooperate with fixed, rotor, easy high speed, spindle precision stability, small error.The newest and cold design, high speed without dead Angle cooling, ensure the precision of the parts in the long working environment.The encoder is suitable for use, the spindle is accurate, and the machine is flexible and convenient.This spindle structure is reasonable and compact, convenient for installation and maintenance.
Spindle oil cooling system
Equipped with high-end motor, using the high quality cooling oil, clever with the spindle  formation of the whole oil cooling circuits, machine  runs smoothly at room temperature, easy to achieve safe, efficient, mute standard of machine tools, greatly avoid the air-cooled system  cooling  uneven phenomenon, caused by high temperature lead to the instability of the machine tool precision fears no longer exist.
High precisong feed system
Japan THK ball screw cooperate with THK high-precision guide rail to achieve multi-axis high speed feeding, to ensure high rigidity of the machine, long life time, high stability, coupling and NSK bearings linked with high-end motor and screw, using pre-pull design concept , Reasonably reduce the accuracy deviation caused by thermal deformation.
Side milling structure
The traditional tools post cooperate with ER16 and ER11 toolswhich are from side milling structure. The machine functions are greatly optimized. The tools in the side milling work closely with the chuck to fully realize the machining requirements of  various types of parts. The entire tool post is compact and reasonable in design. Machine space is maximized used.
No guide bush design
The unique no guide bush design ingeniously avoids the disadvantage of long tail material after machining. It shortens the tail material of about 180mm-200mm to less than 20mm, which is almost the same as that of the gang tool machine. It has no guide sleeve mechanism and is flexible. The ellipticity of the outer diameter of the workpiece caused by the bending of the material is reduced, and the overall roundness of the machine tool is greatly improved.
Lubrication system 
The local lubrication system adopts PLC logic control and volumetric distributor, complete the regular quantitative centralized oil supply system. Under standard conditions, 3-axis models are usually controlled to deliver oil once in 20s, and 5-axis and 6-axis machines are controlled to deliver oil once in 35s to ensure the lubrication of screw, guide rails, bearings and other transmission parts, to increase the service life of the machine. If the customer needs, the system can be moderately adjusted within the range.
Long working part accessories
It can reduce the runout of slender workpieces and improve the processing quality. Due to the use of PVC engineering plastic seat base, the surface friction is greatly reduced, and the surface finish of the workpiece can be protected to the utmost extent.
The controller adopts the Taiwan SYNTEC system. Its high precision and high stability, as well as powerful operating functions, provide the necessary guarantee for strengthening high-quality workpieces. It has a 16-axis 4 linkage, dual system dual program, spindle infinite indexing, synchronous rotary , and has powerful functions such as handwheel simulation, cooperate with the machine, to achieve the basic functions of the machine standardization, drilling fixed cycle, tool nose R compensation, chamfer angle R, composite fixed cycle, tool shape wear compensation , standard cut-off detection (differential) function to reduce costs.  
Absolute motor 
This machine adopts absolute type operation, the machine no need to back to origin when it starts or finish, saving time and labor. There is no need to adjust the material in the bar feeder, and the turning tools does not need to be re-adjusted.
Electric guide bush linkage 

The guide bush is not connected with the main spindle and exists independently. The adjustment stroke is not limited by the guide bush itself. The inner stator and rotor of the guide bush are matched with the encoder, the spindle and the guide bush are synchronously rotated, the vibration and noise is reduced, the precision of the machine is improved.
Use the back spindle to expand the processing range 
The main spindle and the back spindle are synchronously processed at high speed to improve the machining efficiency and improve the accuracy of the workpiece. In the operation of the machine, if the main and back spindle processing procedure of parts do not conflict, the two spindles can process different procedure of the same part at the same time. The main and back spindle rotate independently, and the two spindles perform their duties at the same time without mutual interference. Greatly improve work efficiency.
High stability electronic control system

The electrical box complies with the CE safety standards and the control components use world-renowned brands. Reasonable thermal balance and electrical anti-jamming design make the machine more stable.
Unmanned operation 

The machine cooperate with automatic feeder to change materials, and material to be fed into the feeder in batches. After each material is finished, the feeder head is automatically clamped, and no manual adjustment is required. It can realize no manual operation for 24 hours and greatly saves the labor.
Ultra-short standby time 

Small tool interval, less time change, shorter single piece forming time; same part machining, automatic high-speed cycle of machine operation, no additional debugging time
Heavy-duty structure 
Widening, increased cast iron structure, using finite element analysis technology design, with the best rigidity, excellent damping properties and toughness, can ensure the stability of the machine
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