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Provide customers with pre-sales, sales, after-sale service
1. Pre-sale processing plan analysis and project investment feasibility analysis report: Provide technical advice to customers, professionally trained high-quality application engineers provide users with the best machining solutions, including the selection of machine type, configuration, efficient processing flowchart, carbide tools selection and other services.
2. A variety of on-site installation and commissioning plans are made for customers after the sale intentions are determined.The time is notified by the customer before the delivery date.Debugging technicians certified by professional training come to users’ factory for installation and commissioning. About 8 - 72 hours to reach destination depend on different areas as well as And provide the corresponding machine for the customer to train the operator for free.  The professional lecturer provides the customer with the knowledge of CNC system operation and real machine training.
3. After sales: within the warranty period, all machines enjoy free maintenance services. Our company provides free onsite service for customers, provides replacement of major components according to the contract, establishes lifetime maintenance files for customers, and closely tracks machine usage. Follow-up service, timely processing of customer demands, for customers who need to seek processing orders, provide relevant processing information for free, ready to provide online consulting and online technical support for customers.
4. Science and technology is people oriented, high-quality equipment requires qualified operating technicians, that’s the only way to produce qualified products.

After the purchase and sales contract is signed, our company is able to train 1-3 CNC machine operators for free. The training period is 3-5 days. If the customer can not come to our company for training, our technical staff could go to provide training. Any specific matters,it would be better to negotiated by both parties
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